2006 Tour


During this tour, Sri Chinmoy visited three of the most sacred and prominent places in Japan and offered his soulful tribute to them.
  After his arrival to Japan (9th of July), he expressed his feelings about Japan in this poem:
O Japan,
In simplicity you have no equal,
In humility you have no equal,
In concern you have no equal,
I self-giving you have no equal.


July, 11
    Sri Chinmoy offered an extraordinary concert on various instruments on the premises of Sengen-Jinja Shrine on the foot of Mount Fuji. He also met the head of the Shrine, Mr. Koda who also attended the concert and received an award called “The Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” from Sri Chinmoy. The Shrine on the top of Mount Fuji actually belongs to Sengen-Jinja and a plaque dedicating Mount Fuji as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom is kept inside it.

Sri Chinmoy performing in the premises of Sengen Shrine

Sri Chinmoy's pilgrimage to Hiroshima
July, 13
    Sri Chinmoy gave a soulful concert in the Hiroshima Peace Park at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and offered flowers to the Peace Memorial. He met Hiroshima’s mayor, Mr. Akiba Tadatoshi, who officially welcomed him to the city and in their friendly conversation praised the harmony leader’s lifetime of service to inspire and encourage humanity. Sri Chinmoy presented one of his original Jharna Kala paintings to the city of Hiroshima as a prayer for harmony in the world. He also honored Mr. Akiba with the “Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart” award.
Sri Chinmoy gave the following message to the media reporters:
    This is a most spiritual place, not only in Japan but also in the whole world. Once upon a time this place was totally destroyed. But now this place is again, has revived all its beauty, light, fragrance, determination, glorious success of the people who love a new creation after the destruction. I have come here a few times. I am all admiration for this sanctity, beauty and sacrifice.
    I have expressed all my inner spiritual feelings about Hiroshima in my song on Hiroshima. Hiroshima gives the world a new hope, a new promise. Destruction is not the answer but new dawn, new dream, and new glories and this is what Hiroshima means. And it’s beauty, creation will only increase, it’s beauty it’s fragrance and it’s light and delight.
    The life of Hiroshima has suffered like anything but the soul of Hiroshima can never be destroyed by any man-made power. The soul is immortal and the soul of Hiroshima, again, is inspiring all its citizens and aspiring in and through all the citizens of Hiroshima.

July, 14
    Sri Chinmoy visited the Kotokuin Temple in Kamakura and offered a devotional concert at the Great Buddha statue. Among the music performed on many instruments was also the 13,000th Bengali song composed by Sri Chinmoy shortly before the concert. This is the most songs ever composed by a human being.

Peace tree in the garden of Kotokuin, planted by Sri Chinmoy and the main priest
    Sri Chinmoy has great respect for Lord Buddha and he is especially fond of the Great Buddha statue in Kamakura, saying that Buddha’s peaceful consciousness can be felt more strongly here than elsewhere. He was very happy and touched to be able to offer his 13,000th Bengali song at the feet of the statue. Including songs in English and other languages, Sri Chinmoy has composed more than 20,000 songs.

Sri Chinmoy paying tribute to the Great Buddha


    An exhibition of Sri Chinmoy’s art called Jharna Kala, fountain art, was held during several days on the premises of the statue. Sri Chinmoy met with lady Sato Michiko from the head family of Kotokuin Temple who kindly made it possible for the exhibition and concert to take place and presented her with an original drawing.

World Harmony Run at Maihama Elementary School
July, 12
    During Sri Chinmoy’s stay, the World Harmony Run visited the Maihama Elementary School in Urayasu city in the Tokyo area and prepared an interesting program on harmony for the children. It included talks about the meaning of world harmony, games, music and running with the Peace Torch.