ENGLISH – Free meditation classes in Japan – Tokyo and Kyoto


His life was an infinitude of quest.
Satisfaction denied him her presence.
Helpless he was.
Miserable he became.
At last a blue bird
From deep within lovingly announced:
"Argue not with your brooding self.
Satisfaction-queen will be yours.
Your meditation shall shake hands
with God-manifestation.
God-manifestation shall shake hands
with your perfection."

Sri Chinmoy, The Dance of Life, part 2, Agni Press, 1973


Japan is a land not only of natural beauty and modern speed, but also of profound inner silence and depth.

In order to cultivate such inner and outer pursuits, we offer free meditation workshops and seminars since 1979, mainly in Tokyo and Kyoto, but also in other cities, such as Kamakura and Yokohama. This is in accordance with Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of oneness and his example of untiring service for the betterment of mankind – through selfless service and self-discovery together one can achieve his highest inner and outer potential.

About the meditation classes

The meditation classes are structured courses offered throughout the year. During each workshop, some of the main topics presented are:

  • Meditation techniques, of course
  • Basics of concentration and breathing
  • How to set up a daily meditation practice at home
  • Numerous tips and tricks for learning how to meditate well
  • Music for meditation
  • The value of sports and fitness
  • Spiritual paths and Masters
  • Spiritual philosophy: the goals of life and related subjects
  • Where to meditate in Tokyo and Kyoto

Classes are usually in Japanese, but we also invite international meditation instructors who teach in English.

Regions where we most commonly offer classes in Tokyo are the Kichijoji, Ogikubo, Saginomiya, Takadanobaba and Shibuya districts.

front_jharna_kala.jpgContact and registration for meditation course

If you would like to participate, please call us at 070-5021-0827 or fill our contact form

We will be happy to invite you to the next classes!


To read more content in English language, please visit www.srichinmoycentre.org.

Each crisis intensifies my quest.
Each quest expedites my journey.
Each journey is a ray of satisfaction
On the Face of my Beloved Supreme.

Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 2, Agni Press, 1979



ENGLISH – Free meditation courses in Japan – Tokyo and Kyoto



Adachi Arakawa Bunkyo Chiyoda Chūō Edogawa Itabashi Katsushika Kita Kōtō Meguro Minato Nakano Nerima Ōta Setagaya Shibuya Shinagawa Shinjuku Suginami Sumida Taitō Toshima Akiruno Akishima Chōfu Fuchū Fussa Hachiōji Hamura Higashikurume Higashimurayama Higashiyamato Hino Inagi Kiyose Kodaira Koganei Kokubunji Komae Kunitachi Machida Mitaka Musashimurayama Musashino Nishitōkyō Ōme Tachikawa Tama